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1/4" TS Instrument Cables

Ashley R

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Hey guys


Quite a novice when it comes to Audio, and was wondering for a TS 1/4" Instrument cable (Say for going from a Guitar to a Amp) what type of cable should I be using? Someone has asked for me to make some up for them.


Would it be ok to use standard Mic Cable? And just use the Sheild/Earth and one of the conductors, just trimming the 2nd one off. Or To join the two conductors together to give a larger cross section?


Or should I just buy an appropriate drum of cable?


Thanks Ash

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Guitars in particular need a low capacitance cable in order that the tone isn't changed, mic cable doesn't meet this spec correctly. Suggest getting a drum of proper instrument cable.


Beware the stuff that has a conductive plastic wrapping the core, remove it or else your cables will short out and be no use :)





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Looks that way, yup. Use the best 1/4" connectors you can afford, might be a good idea if the connectors allow it to use heatshrink as an additional strain relief, guitarists can be extremely rough on their cables.


Probably best to use straight connectors on both ends unless otherwise requested, some amps and di boxes won't physically accept a right angle plug (countryman type 85) and likewise, use TS connectors not TRS.


Hope this helps :)

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I have already seen a few outlets on things where someone has plugged in a cheapo Jack and the tip as broken off in the outlet! So will be using Neutrik Jack's (I mean they are cheap enough)




For TRS cables, that I can use just standard Mic cable, As it carries the same Balanced signal that a 3P XLR Mic Cable would be used for right?


And thanks David's for your help, this has been most informative :)

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