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Shops ?!


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Well, our company reps list is as follows:


AC Lighting (Ian Ferguson)

Apollo Design Technology (Kelite)

Aura Show Control (charlier)

Avolites (JBToby, Lindsey)

Bandit Lites (Mark Powell)

Cast Software (PhilipCygan)

Cereco (John Lethbridge)

ChamSys (Chris 'Ken' Kennedy)

Columbus McKinnon (adeblack)


Enlightenment (Barney)

ETC Europe (elarson, IainQuinn)

Fourth Phase (Simonhfpl)

Gearmarket (John Lethbridge)

Hall Stage (Chas at Halls)

LeMark (Takman)

LeMaitre (MarkLeMaitre)

LSI Projects (LSI Projects)

Martin Professional UK (Cwest, Simon Allan)

Pearce Hire (johnhuson)

Richmond Sound Design Ltd (Charlier)

RM Lighting (RMLighting)

Robe UK (Bill Jones (Robe UK))

Selecon UK (Aotea, NickGale)

Stage Electrics (Lorna)

Stagetec Distribution (andystone)

Ten Out Of Ten (Paul J Need)

VLPS (Richard Bunting)

Wavicle (lightnix)

White Light (Bryan)

Zero88 (Potassium Neuf)



Will that do you for now?

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Well, in the last 30 days, 20 company reps (out of 36) have logged in. Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to disclose individual online statuses, due to the data protection act.


All company reps receive emails and PMs, so if you wish to contact one whose not a regular, you can do so through their profile.


Hope this helps






PS: If anyone wants to become a company rep, PM me and I'll do the necessary.

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