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LED replacements for strip lights


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Hi all - We have some "sports hall" lighting in our village hall with a batch of industrial non-dimmable strip lights in roof making it pretty difficult to create any sort of atmosphere.

I've had to rely on led pars running slow fades as uplighters.

With the appearance of led bars and higher powered arrays, is there any saisfactory way of replacing strip lights with coloured (RGB/RGBW) led 's of similar brilliance under DMX control?

I realise I'm unlikely to get the same luminence per watt but I wondered if anyone had tried and succeeded ?

Many thanks for your time



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Agree, for everyday sports hall or similar use flourescent has a lot to be said for it.

Simple, cheap to buy, cheap to run, and the lamps are cheap and sold everywhere.


For theatre type uses of the space simply turn them off and add dimmable LED PARS or battens, or other theatre type lighting of your choice.

If the space is used reguraly for theatre or similar uses, then it is probably worth a semi permanent instal of LED PARs, to save the trouble of rigging for each event.


I achieved very good results in a small community hall by adding LED floods in between the existing flourescents, these pointed verticly downwards but glare was not a problem due to the limited output. RGB mixing under DMX control. The colour rendering is probably poor, but the idea is decorative and safe movement lighting, not good colour rendering or high lighting levels.

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