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Help with LED Fixtures


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Hi guys, I can't seem to find a forum on this particular topic. I've just taken a job at a school as a technician but I'm mainly a PM/Sound tech, I have LX experience but it's not exactly my forte. We have these LED fixtures, 24 led 1w multi RGB fixtures, with no branding on them. They are controlled with 3pin XLR DMX and they have a dip switch and a sensitivity option. Currently we have 4 zero88 6 ch dimmer packs and the only controller I have is a zero88 Alcora. I know I need a new lighting desk, its the first thing on my shopping list.


Basically, I'm having trouble controlling them. I know you can run them over 7 channels on the desk but I can't for the life of figure out how to control them. I'm used to working with generics and movers with a digital display to address them etc...


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks guys!



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More than likely binary addressing. So addr 1 = switch 1 on. Addr 2 = switch 2 on only. Addr 3 = switch 1+2 on. There may be mode switches if you have more than 8 dip switches but it's likely that with switch 1 on and the rest off, the PAR will respond. Your second PAR would start at address 8, which is switch 4 on, everything else off.
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is there anyway you can take a photo of them as not all par cans are as simple as they look to setup. you can do a test by setting dip 1 on and the rest off then moved the first 4 faders all the way up most will be 1 Dimmer 2 Red 3 Green 4 Blue or 1 Red 2 Green 3 Blue 4 Dimmer you should now have white,

Sometimes you may need to move 5th fader as some have strobe/mode


Sometimes you have to set the dips to pick the type of mode they run on some can run as RGB in 3 channels and then full mode 5/7 channels for your use I would try get them onto 3 channels so they don`t strobe and then use less channels. if you get funding for a desk buy a 48ch Scene Setter as they are simple to program and can be locked off so kids can use the desk. http://www.stageligh...ene-setter-2448


to address them dip

1 = 1

2 = 2

3 = 4

4 = 8

5 = 16

6 = 32

7 = 64

8 = 128

9 = 256

10 will be used for sound to light or to set into DMX mode


If your Stuck I live in Oldham

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If the Alcora is a 24/48 Version (With a total of 48 faders) then your dimmer packs are probably addressed from 1-24 (So 1, 7, 13, 19).


you will want to put the desk into Wide mode, which gives you access to another 24 channels of control, on the 2nd bank of faders. (All of this is based on my knowledge of the Elara)


Then if you set the LED Par's to say addresses 25 (Dip's 5,4,1 on, and maybe Dip 10) and 37 (Dip's 6,3,1, and maybe 10) Then on your 2nd bank, on the faders, they should control the LED's.


Try just shoving up all the faders, (You may end up with a very bright, strobing, colour changing par can, do not worry), then start taking them out one by one, until you just get a solid colour on stage. (You will be left with 3-5 faders, RGB(W) + a master maybe) Now play with these faders to see which one does what, in terms of colour mixing.


Think of each par, as a dimmer pack.

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Hey buddy,


As mentioned above wide mode is your frined on zero 88 desks normally. Never had an Alcora but hopefully a similar principle. If it helps with the units themselves there are tons of free dipswitch apps out there for simple (lazy) addressing help. And of course if you get really stuck, give me a call.


Good luck,



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