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Autoyoke & Jands Vista

Mr Steve

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I'm hoping some other Vista V1 users can help on this. If I patch a City Theatrical Autoyoke on my Vista I get the pan/tilt/iris/focus/control channels patched and the dimmer channel created in the 'pool' for me to drop on to my dimmer address - which is fine. My Autoyoke has a scroller attached, but a colour attribute is not part of the fixture profile. If I add a scroller I get a dimmer channel associated in the pool. Is there any way to get Vista to work with the Autoyoke and scroller as one fixture?


I appreciate that number of frames in a scroller will vary so that's perhaps why the colour attribute is not part of the fixture profile, but I would love to know how to make them at one with each other if possible

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Just to tie up this old thread:


-Upgrade to V2 Byron

-Copy the AutoYoke Ellipsoidal profile to your own library. Adapt the duplicate to have a consecutive colour channel (ch8)

-Set the DMX values for each frame of the scroll

-Add actual colour values so it fits the generic fixture model, so if you pick a red it will go to the red frame

-Congratulate yourself withe a coffee.

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