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I have been looking at Sketch-Up and thought that it could be a useful tool for set design. The intro video makes using Sketch-Up look really easy. I personally think it could take quite a lot of time to master it, but, if anyone has or is happily using it for set design, then maybe it would be worth spending a few hours, or maybe a lot of hours mastering the complexity of it.


I'm not talking about Pro Sketch-Up, just the free one as supplied by Trimble via Google.

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I use sketch up quite a lot for everything from set design to sound plots. Its fairly easy to master, and if you come across anything you aren't sure about there are plenty of online help resources. I would also say that you should make good use of the 'Warehouse' models you can download- they make it easy to incorporate items that you wouldn't be able to make yourself into your plans.


Have fun,



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