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Women working in theatre - please help me with my research by answerin

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Horses for courses - I don't look for work as a rigger and people know that if they ask me to go up to the roof and putnsome points in, I'll say 'no I can't, not trained' rather than 'no I can't because I'm a girl'.


So why do you call yourself "Gridgirl"? Just asking like!


Fair call! I used to work in a hemp house where the grid had about 3 foot of space between grid and roof; I was the shortest crew member so when we needed to move lines, I was always the one sent to the grid to kick blocks....


3 foot! I used to work at the Yvonne Arnaud in Guildford, 3 foot of headroom in that grid would be a luxury! Just come over ALT1948's four Yorkshire Men sketch!

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