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Remotely triggering cues on a Bullfrog from SCS


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So ive been tasks to program a light show for a conference in a few weeks. I'll have a big old projection screen, about 20 movers, some DMX lasers, a hand full of LED cans and, acl's and a couple of standard par bars....sounds like it could be fun?.........right up until the point where it all need to be programed on a Bullfrog!........


I'm ok with the programing side............ fully aware of what a Bullfrog can (or can't) do .


I want to try and make this look as good as I can and as slick as I can so obvioulsy want it to be as automatted as possible. The music track will be played using SCS and I've heard that I can use this to trigger the cues on the Bullfrog so I dont have to get lost in setting dwell times for each cue which is gona be a seriously long task.


Has anyone tryied this? What little gizmo do I need to get them to comunicate and which settings need to be played with in SCS. This will be the first time I have programed a sequence in this way so any tips in general would be apreciated (obvioulsy dont use a bullfrog but I'm stuck with this)


Your thoughts please

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Easiest way to do this is to use SCS to trigger the bullfrog via MIDI. You will need a MIDI Interface (Many soundcards have MIDI built onboard) and a midi cable to the midi input of the bullfrog. You will then send a midi note trigger at each point, which will trigger either the Go on the Bullfrog, or a particular sub (depending on how you configure it).
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Thanks DJ Dunc but the Bullfrog does not come with a midi input as standard. It was an upgrade card which as now been discontinued (as has the desk). I was under the impression that the remote port on the back of the desk could be used some how with the correct dongle for the PC.


Thank you for reading

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Ah fantastic...thanks DJ Dunc.


Do you know midi message I need to send to trigger the go button?


Thanks for your help this is gona save me soooooo much time


Do you know of anywhere in the UK that supplies these. What is it actually need to ask for? The Remote port on the back of the desk as more hole than the 5 pin midi out put from my m audio sound card so is there a specific cable I need or does a standard midi cable fit in the port.


Soory for all th questions ...but it seems you have all the answers my friend......the conference is in 3 weeks so would like to get it ordered ASAP.


Many Thanks again for your help

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Hi sigill,


I think we spoke on the phone yesterday.


The box that Dj Dunc links to would do the job. You wil need to come out of your computer by Midi (probably using a simple USB-Midi cable) and plug into the relay box. Then, you need to wire up a cable to link the Jack connector from the relay box to the 8 pin DIN connector on the BullFrog.


You can find the manual on this link, the information on how you wire the Remote Switch is on 8-2.




Hope that helps,

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Thanks for all you helps guys.


I am how ever really struggling to find a midi relay which I can get delivered by the 22nd of october. I am waiting on a reply from Thomman and Midi solutions, but cant seem to find anyone else that supplies these in the uk.


Does anyone know of any companies that supply/deliver in the uk that do these....Or does any one have one that I can buy/hire/borrow/give my left arm for........


Many Thanks



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Thanks you all for your help with this.


I managed to hire an 8 way midi relay from a company in wales (only need a single way but it was all they had and was cheap as chips). Have now got SCS controlling the LX desk. The only slight glitch is there seems to have to be a 1.1sec gap left inbetween control cues sent from SCS or it doesnt leave enough time for the relay to reset, so I am having to use a combination of remote triggering and auto cues. Still a hell of a lot better than doing the whole thing with wait times.


Thanks you all again for you help with this. It's very much appreciated....

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