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Mini XLR Adaptors


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The JTS wireless microphones at the theatre I work at were in need of new headsets so knowing they were mini XLR connectors I bought some of the £5 ones from CPC. I know the microphone packs will supply phantom power so I assumed they would work. Unfortunately I did not check how many pins the mic packs had so now I need some adaptor cables to change the 3 pin headsets socket so they can connect to the 4 pin microphone packs.


Can I buy these anywhere to rectify my stupidity?


Thank you,



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Can you not send them back to CPC and exchange for 4 pin ones? They do sell both


Unfortunately not. They do not sell 4 pin ones for £5 and as they will be used by small children they need to be cheap and easy to replace. Thats why an adaptor cable would be ideal.

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