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ETC Ion hire - W Midlands


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I may need to hire in an Ion for a week in November.

Tried some of my usual contacts without success and waiting for a couple more replies.

Anyone KNOW of a hire outfit that has an Ion on their books?

I'm not interested in chasing down evry Googled 'lighting hire' company because the vast majority of those tend to be disco kit or small scale places that have little much bigger than a Jester.

So knowledgable posts, please, rather than wild guesses.

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Stage were my first call and I do have a price from my regular contact.

Just keeping my options open looking for alternatives (and best price, of course!).


Oh - and unless things have changed again, SLX haven't had a branch to speak of in Brum for some time now. :(

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Not sure entirely where your looking for in west midlands, but Stage Lighting Services (who are partnered with Stage Sound Services, who your more likely to have heard of!) have some and come very nicely with touch screens at very good rates! also really helpful people.


They are in cardiff, but they have very reasonable transport rates!

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Enlightened lighting have ion's in rental.


Let us have the dates and we can drop you a quote back. Happy to send and return via courier as this usually works out very cost effective.






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