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Dealers in the North West


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Hi all,


Back again for some advice!


I'm looking for RCF and DB Technologies dealers (who can demo) in the North West, I've found one store in Manchester called PMT who have some RCF stock but I've had no look finding anyone with DB stuff.

Does anybody know of any?


Alternatively can anybody recommend any other makes I should demo for the below requirements:


For DJ'ing

Looking for 2 x 12" active tops and 1 x 15"active sub (RCF 312A & 705)

Or 2 x 10" tops and 2 x 12" subs (DB setup)

Functions of around 200 guests an less (music mainly on the dancefloor so people can still talk around the back of the room)


I've got around £1500 to spend


Many thanks!!

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Thanks Simon and Fingers, I'll give them both a call today!


I've been told to have a look at the Yamaha DXR range, has anybody had any experience with them? Aparently desinged by Nexo?


Unfortunately neither stores have anything in stock I could demo, Technical Stage Services hay get something in next week so I'll wait and see if I hear.


In the meantime if anybody knows anybody else I really appreciate your input.

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I'm sure I posted a reply here, but it's gone walkabout clearly!


PMT used to be Sound Control (well, the few stores that survived). They're very much the retail end of the market and seem to cater for bands and that sort of thing. They were always very helpful when I was dealing with them and are always up for some price matching and haggling. Remember though that the prices you started from were retail to start with.

I'd second Elliott's suggestion of Pro Audio Systems. Nice guys, very helpful and they've got a reasonable range of kit.


But if you're travelling to Bradford you could also give SSE's northern office a try. I use them a lot, they're a nice bunch of guys and they're more than happy to get kit in to demo for you.


I put a pair of Yamaha DXR12's into a local high school after they nuked their last set of speakers. Very impressed with them. Supplied by SSE at a very competitive price. They're nice and loud but sound pretty sweet too. The inputs on the back are nice and flexible so they'll also work nicely for simple jobs (mic and laptop kind of things) without a mixer. They're also able to get hold of pretty much every other major brand of speaker so if there's something you've seen at PMT that you like, get them to do you a quote.


Catch them early this week. I'm pretty sure most of the SSE North lads are down at Plasa as of this weekend.


I also looked at the QSC K series when looking for the DXR12's. They seemed like a good option but may be slightly out of your price range. I've only listened to the DXR12's with a few test tracks, though the school have used them for other stuff since they bought them and are very impressed. I'll be mixing their school show on them in January, but I guess that's a little too long to wait for feedback!

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Thanks Cedd,


Unfortunately Pro Audio Systems haven't got anything in stock I could demo, I certainly give SSE's a call though thanks.


As with most shops/dealers etc nobody seems to keep any stock anymore as they order on request, not ideal when you want to Demo, if only Earls Court was a bit closer RCF and DB are both there!!


I'd love the QSC K series but yes your right, a bit out of my price range. I could get the DXR10's and a 15" sub for around the same price as the RCF/DB but the sub is a good 10Kg heavier and the reason I sold my Adlib rig was down to size / weight.

I not heard a lot about the DXR range but what I have heard has been good, unfortunately I need to buy by next Friday so don't have much time to wait for feedback especially January ha ha!


Thanks again for all your help it's really apreciated.

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