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Martin light jockey Driver USB problem

Joe White

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Hey folks yet anougher problem on this install (lighting this time) we have an older light jockey interface (usb/DMX interface II ) software 1.06 build 31 about 8x year old it isn't comparable with windows 7.


We did have a desktop that was running ok but appon next power on we got power lights and nothing else. Soo we went out and bought a toshiba laptop to run this (wasn't until after this purchase we discoverd it wasn't compatable with 7) we have loaded a fresh install of xp professional

But at first we couldn't get the drivers to load . Now it won't recognise the dongle in device hardware . We've been trying to get this running all blooming. Day and this is the past thing that we needed.


Thoughts fast would be grand . Even if somebody has been there before could they possibly text phone on 07925 643 472 ta joe

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Have you got the most up to date version of the software installed? You can download it for free. The drivers are installed in the LightJockey installation folder.


Also try uninstalling the device in Device Manager, unplug the dongle, reinstall the driver from the new installation folder in Program Files>Martin>LightJockey then plug the dongle back in.


Let me know how you get on.

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I would suggest reinstalling all the drivers, download from Martin website.

You should be able to run it in Windows 7 anyway. Right click the shortcut, hit "compatibility" tab and then switch compatibility mode to Windows XP

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I actually installed one of these yesterday on a windows XP machine.


Firstly make sure you downloads Martin Lightjockey without ONE key


Install Lightjockey


Plug in dongle - when it pops up with window about installing the device point it to C:\Program Files\Martin Professional\Martin LightJockey\Drivers


Dongle will pull correct drivers from the folder

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