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Simple and Easy video cue software.


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Afternoon all.


I'm not a regular visitor to the video forum, so please excuse me if this is a re occurring post.


I'm after a mac based video cue software package which is simple and easy to use, i.e. drag and drop based.

I currently use Arkaos and have done for a number of years but in all honesty it has always been flakey and every time I use it I'm always disappointed with the complex import of videos, it does a lot more than I would ever want which adds a level of complexity I can do without.


Top and bottom of it is, I want to simply play a video at the push of a button and it stop at the end waiting until the next button is pressed for the next clip. I need it to work every time without stutter.


I use a number of audio cue packages and they all seem to work in this manor, drag some files in, set a start and stop time and assign it to a key and off you go.


Is there a good reliable video option? I'd rather it not have crossfade, picture in picture or spinning effects as these just serve to confuse me as it's not something used everyday. Budget is in the hundreds not thousands.


Thanks for any pointers.



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