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Connect Avo Titan Sim with LightConverse Demo

Rafael Nogueira

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The easiest way is to use Art-Net in Titan.


If it is on the same machine you need to use IP address



The LC demo uses lines A-D and by default assigns these to ACDI. So first you need to change these to Art-Net:

- Select the 'DMX' button under Setup.

- Select a fixture in the list on the left taking note of the line it is currently assigned to (for example 'C100' = line C, DMX 100).

- Select the 'DMX input' button.

- In the window that opens you will see the universe assignments at the top.

- Select A and then the 'Universe' button. Select 'Art-Net' and change the universe to 0 with the arrow buttons. Close the window with the 'X' button at the top.

- Repeat for lines B, C and D setting the Art-Net universe to 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

- Select the line that the selected fixture was originally assigned to and then select 'Apply'.

- Select the 'Exit' button at the top-right.


Now in Titan you need to assign the Art-Net universes to lines:

- System/[DMX Settings]

- In the available DMX nodes section select 'Broadcast:Universe 0' under Art-Net and then select Line 1 in the DMX Lines section to apply.

- Repeat for Broadcast Universe 1, 2 and 3 and assign to DMX Lines 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

- Select each assigned Broadcast Universe in turn and change the IP Address to (Note that it is possible you may have difficulty editing direcly in the Node Properties section. In this case use the softkey instead.)

- Exit


To test patch 1x Robe ColorSpot 1200 AT Mode 2 to Line 3, DMX 100 and locate. You should see it work in LC.



To use Pearl Simulator 2004 you would need ACDI. Note that this is not currently compatible with 64-bit OS.

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