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Wireless intercom - Clear-Com Tempest


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This actually comes from another forum but I believe it has a lot of interest here too.


Clearcom also make the Tempest range... never used them, but they opperate on 2.4GHz, which is a crowded area of the spectrum.


While the Tempest is in the 2.4 gHz region shared by lots of uncoordinated WiFi access points, it is NOT affected by them and has less than a 10% affect on the data delivery in WiFi. It operates as SSFH or Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping. If you looked at the signal you would see the WiFi bumps and SSFH spikes popping up much higher than the WiFi. Each of these spikes had Tempest data for a very short period of time at a much higher peak level which overrides any WiFi.


They also have a 900mHz station but only 1 base station can operate in it at a time. The 2.4gHz system can have a maximum of 11 base stations. Each can have 5 full duplex stations or in shared mode any number of beltpacks. In shared mode you do hear the latency echo, though.


The power comes when you use the system in roaming mode. you could have 20 beltpacks on 4 base stations in the theatre with the ability to have 2 bases covering the loading dock (so 5 of the 20 max could roam there) and 1 base in the Dressing room (so 5 could roam there) Each BP can be assigned to be able to access specific base stations.


All Bases can be co-located and antennas on cat-5 distributed to each area.


I believe it is the most powerful, most versatile system out there. Even though it is also a Clear-Com product along with CellCom, it is the better solution.


Tempest is made by Coachcom but the exclusive distributor for theatre and TV is Clear-Com.


here is an article on the roaming: http://tempestwirele...cts/roaming.php


If you have any questions, please ask.

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How do you think it would co-exist with a system such as the Line 6 Radio Mics on 2.4GHz, particularly the first version which stamps blindly over pretty much the whole spectrum?

Tempest would not be bothered at all but Line6 would have hits.

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