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Noisy Mac 250 Panning


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I have a unit that works perfectly except the yoke making a grinding noise on panning. Can anyone advise the best way to lubricate. I assume it is in the base , I have the two plates off but would like to know the areas to investigate. Many thanks
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Hi Nick

Whilst I don't claim to be any sort of expert, in my limited experience renovating old Robe units, this is likely to be a stepper motor clogged up with iron filings.

I assume you've checked the obvious like bent metalwork causing anything to rub etc. I have sometimes found that loosening drive belts a little can help reduce noise.

I don't know the 250 as I've not dismantled one but is it possible to slip the drive belt off to see if it's the motor or the yoke bearing that's the source of the noise?

If it is the motor, I have had moderate success dismantling them and blowing the metal debris out with an airline but I fear the only real solution will be to replace the motor.


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Hi Eddie


Back down to Stratford tomorrow after a couple of days off, somehow we must have a beer! I looked at the unit and found the pan motor slotted disk was rubbing on the PCB below it. It seems a very tight fit! Anyway sorted now and both new units working fine. Thanks for the tips one and all



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