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Alliance & Leicester Business Bank computer error


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Just a warning for those people who use the Aliiance & Leicester business bank - now Santander, and use on line payments. It's worth checking your account activity if you made any payments on the 20th July. They had a computer error and duplicated, or they tell me did the same payment up to 4 times. When the payment was processed - the system requires you to enter the details, then once correct you tick a box and submit the payments you just processed. Customers got and error message saying try later. I tried again a couple of hours later, and there was the payment still waiting to be authorised, so I ticked the box, entered the password - and the payment went through. However - so had the one that I first did. They sorted it quite easily - but it was common enough that before I even got to the giving account info on the phone , the person I spoke to knew about the problem. Odd they didn't bother to actually check people's accounts for duplicates!



Worth checking - if you don't usually bother.


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NatWest is off the rails again yesterday and today.


Must say I am really looking forward to when everyone in the UK has their tax and NI details held on the same Indian computers by Accenture. Then everyone will have the joy of wondering whether their pensions are safe.

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