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Patching a Unique Hazer to an Aux

Craig SM

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Recently we just got a Cobra Lighting Colour Control 8 Desk, Testing it out, Possibly putting it out on Dry Hires.


I have Patched a Unique Hazer to Aux1, The hazer Has 2 Channels Pump & Fan. When I press Aux 1 it sets the 2 Channels at Full.


Is there any way I can Control the 2 Channels by using the Faders on the Desk?



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No real experience with these mini DJ type boards, but a quick read of the manual shows thus:

AUX Buttons:

The AUX button can be used for fog machines and strobes.

AUX 1 is for DMX address 65 and AUX 2 is for DMX address 66. When pressed they will put that DMX channel fully on.


Patch More than One Channel to AUX:

1. Press and hold the Patch/Down button for 3 seconds. The Patch LED will light up red.

2. Use the Speed and Fade faders to select the DMX channel you want to patch.

3. Assign the DMX channel by pressing the AUX1 or AUX2 button.

4. Press and hold Patch/Down button for 3 seconds to exit Patch Mode. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as much as you desire.

**AUX channels will fade when the Fade time is set on the Fade slider. The Speed fader will have no effect on the AUX channels **

I suggest you try to re-patch the fixtures using the above and see if that changes things.


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