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Martin roboscan - wont strick


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I have a old martin roboscan 918. The lamp only strikes every once in a while, (tried new lamp), So my next thought is that the IGNITOR or ballast has a fault...


Anybody know of any easy way I can test the two components for a fault?

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As it does work occasionally then it isn't as likely to be a ballast, the ignitor is a more likely suspect of the two. To check the ballast just do a resistance check across it.

It is also worth checking that the circuit is getting a supply, theres no loose connections, the heat sensor is closed circuit and the lamp holder is in good condition.

Be very careful when working with discharge lighting as there can be high voltages present and a multimeter won't like being connected across a striking lamp circuit - to test mine last time I disconnected the L&N supply to the lamp circuit and put into terminal block.

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