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Me again,

If you saw my post t'other day you'll know im using the fat frog at the mo' but I'll be using the jester next week.


Ive had a play on the phantom jester but its not been much use. Can someone help me out on how to programme chases on it, as I'll not have much time to mess around with it.


Would be much appreciated,


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You programme the first 'step' of the chase onto a Submaster or Memory in the usual way.


You then create your second 'step', ensure the same Submaster or Memory is selected, and press record again.


The console will ask you if you want to Overwrite or Cancel, but above these two options is a third - 'Make Chase'. Select that option and press enter.


Now create your third step, press record again. The console knows you are making a chase, so won't keep asking you.


Repeat until you have finished all your steps.


Depending on if you are running the normal Jester, or the ML/TL Jester, changing the settings of the chase (Speed, Direction and Attack) are slightly different, but all the details are in the manual.

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