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ME3 use wired to mixer


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I have searched the forums but have been unable to find exactly what I am looking for. I am wanting to use a Sennheiser ME3 (Currently used in a G3 wireless system) as a wired microphone for a drummer. I am looking to come up with a cheaper alternative to the MZA900p. I am proficcient with a soldering iron can anyone assist with how I could go about it.

Many thanks.

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Purely as a matter of interest if you already have the reciever why do you want to use the headset on its own. I would have thought that it would be more convenient for the drummist to wear a pack as opposed to a wire.


I'm borrowing the mic from a friend whose receivers are all racked, the smallest being a rack of 4. Plus as I'm just borrowing it as opposed to hiring it so I don't want to take the mick with what I am borrowing.


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I wanted to do a similar thing about 3 years ago. This topic may help.




I did actually make the unit and it performed just as I needed it to, I think. (It was 3 years ago!)




Hi Josh.What was the output voltage? I rad that the MZA900p puts out 1.8v. To the capusle. Also, does anyone know what the wiring of the locking jack on the headset is?

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