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Ordering from Thomann


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Hi everyone,


I'm looking into getting some cheap LED pars for work, mainly to be used as uplighters etc but occasional stage eye candy use is a possibility. I found some little Par56s on Thomann which seemed considerably cheaper that the equivalent from somewhere like Farnell. My question is, has anyone on here got good experience with ordering from there?


I've looked up their FAQs, so am aware on payment methods, but as the company would be paying they would want things like a pro-forma invoice, and at least a suitable estimate on whether it would incur any customs charges to ship them in in additional to the cost of the items and the inevitable bank surcharge for paying in euros.


If I was looking at a small amount, I'd probably just put it on my card and claimed it back, but its looking at being over £1k with getting a few other things at the same time and work don't like giving that back as a claim form.


If anyone has any real experience with this I'd be interested to hear your opinions and experiences, by PM if you prefer or on here.


I've sent an e-mail to the guys themselves in addition but I'd like some real world opinions if poss.





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Never had any problems with them. No customs charges as they are in the EU. If you can provide than a valid VAT number there won't be VAT to pay. Get Thomann to provide a quote complete with carriage (it's usually free) in euros. Thomann can give you their IBAN number (international bank account number) and you can do an online transfer.
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You can select to pay by bank transfer at checkout, at which point they send you a proforma and all relevant bank details. Hand that to accounts, they pay, Thomann ship. Dead easy.
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I have been dealing with Thomann for about 8 years, Excellent service and fast delivery. Also 3 year guarantee. Another good place to look for lighting is Music store Koln (Cologne) http://www.musicstore.com/en_EN/GBP?NewCountry=UK&adword=sem/google/uk-brand/brand/


I have imported direct from China a few times but it can take a while for customs clearance and then you get stung with import duty and VAT on top - but can still be worth it for newer products. Be aware though that quite often the cheaper offers have not been certificated for Europe.


USA can be good but for heavy items the postage cost outways the savings.



I have been using Digital village a lot more recently as they are local and over a period of time offer me good discounts plus they have a 4 year guarantee and European price match - but no good for lighting.


CPC are convenient but their prices have been creeping up quite a lot over the last few years - still cheaper than Maplin but its annoying when I just want a few odds and ends and they charge over £5 postage & handling.

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