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Old style NJD Datamoon Settings


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The TRS DMX ones used the TRS itself to switch functions.


TRS in the input socket and it listened for DMX, NO TRS in the input and it sent signals to subsequent slaves.


TRS in the output socket and it sent DMX onward, NO TRS and it switched in the terminator resistor.


SO 4 TRS datamoons with three leads and the first (in DMX wiring order) with only a TRS in the output sends programme to the rest of the datamoons.


They are four channel DMX and they contain a pattern played on four lanterns. So in lantern number order nos 1, 2, 3, and 4 lanterns play a pattern in S-L mode, then 5, 6, 7,& 8 play the pattern with X reversed, 9, - 12 play the pattern with Y reversed and lanterns 13 - 16 play the pattern with X & Y reversed. This makes contra rotating patterns possible.


Please use ONLY good quality TRS jacks

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Thanks for your help guys. I found it really helpful. I worked it out from what you said. For some reason the one I was using as master would only work as slave. It was really the dip switch settings I was after but I guessed them once I realized the fault. I will post the dip switch settings later for other peoples future reference.
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