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Sound Technique, what is it called?


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Hi guys, I am a Lampie but am writing a brief essay on sound design. My question is this...

I have heard of people taking an ambient recording of the theatre space, the air conditioning, sound of the moving heads going etc, then playing this quietly from before the audience come in up until the point in the play silence is required for dramatic effect, when it cuts out, the contrast meaning the audience do not notice the ever present annoying sounds of air conditioning and buzzing lights etc? Is there a name for this technique? Is there anywhere on the web I could find out more about its past uses etc?

Many Thanks,

Rob x

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It does have a name I'm sure as I was in a production a few years back and we used a similar thing. We had a fish tank sound playing for the whole show, until one of the characters died, and the audience had listened to it for so long the forgot it was there but when it cut out they could feel something was wrong but couldnt work out what it was, we felt it on/back stage aswell.


I will have an ask round with a few sound technicians I know to find out for you.

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