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What format do these "terms and conditions" take. I'm a bit confused (admittedly, it doesn't take much) by what they could mean.

Is it to do with how long they expect you to work? or is it a list of your duties?

Can you explain a bit more about them?



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Guest lightnix

Hello, Production Midget, welcome to the Blue Room :D


The short answer is "Yes", if you are self-employed and "No" if you are working for people who tax you at source, under PAYE.


The practice is not widespread, as many "clients" don't like having crew waving T&Cs at them. I wouldn't worry, though, in the event that the Inland Revenue decide that the terms under which you have been booked define you as a temporary employee, it will be your clients who pick up any outstanding tax liability, not you.


For yet more info on employment vs. self-employment, click here, here, here and here.

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