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PSA Sample Contract


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Guest lightnix

Some time ago, I downloaded the PSA sample services contract (see http://www.blue-room.org.uk/lofiversion/in...php/t2505.html), and promptly lost it. Since the new site design, this very helpful contract doesn't seem to be around any more. Does anyone know if it is still available?

I'm not sure, I hope so, although I don't know of anyone who's ever had the courage to wave it at a client :D


Best thing to do is probably contact the PSA via 'phone or e-mail and ask.


Please let us know the result :o

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Send an e-mail from the site along with your PSA membership number and we'll send it along. It will be on the site as soon as a couple of tweaks have been made.




Bookmark the site, join the PSA!



Edit:When I say it will be on the site, I mean it will be in the members' section...



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Guest lightnix

Not only that, but at the conference it was announced that the PSA have just negotiated a really good deal for their members with the Westfield Health Scheme. As far as I recall, it offers the benefits of the corporate scheme for as little as £1 and a maximum of £3 per week.


I shall be signing up very soon.

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Individual membership is currently £99.98 per annum.


I'm just filling my form in now...


And to forestall the inevitable question:


What do I get for that £99.98?


Deals on insurance, a business suport line, low cost health scheme and your industry represented by a growing voice. And if there's something we need to be doing, tell us and we'll investigate.


Ah yes, and that 99.98 includes VAT so you get that back if you're registered. It's also fully tax deductible so it actually ends up costing half the original price.



Gordon Brown


how much does PSA membership cost, or is it free?


I get e-mailshots, but I'm not sure if that means I'm a member or not


I'd guess I'm not a member


You're on the e-mail news list. Were you a member once?



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