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Audio chases - Sirius 48


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I have my own Sirius 48 (along with other lighting desks) and am fairly expert in using them. However, I am in a venue that has its own and am programming an audio chase with some unpredictable results!


Basically we are taking a direct out from the sound desk straight into the Sirius. It seemed at the time that even though the level was 0% on the sound desk, the audio chase was still running! So ... took a direct feed from the minidisc player - same thing and the minidisc wasn't even playing!!!!


Any ideas? Never seen this before on a Sirius. Its like there some noise generated but I usually have to get the sound feed increased but this seems to be the reverse.




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The audio input on the Sirius desks has an automatic gain control, therefore if you have the output of the minidisc with nothing coming through, the desk will turn it's gain control right the way up and then use the small amount of noise that is on the minidisc players outputs.
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Yes thats one of those things which is good at times, and not at others!


It always annoyed me, if you set up a simple show basically off audio chases that it would keep going at the end of numbers, unless you were very on the ball and could cut out the fader quickly.



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