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Laser image storage ILDA

Richard CSL

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Hi all I have a 500mw Lanta Baracuda laser with ILDA sockets on the back, I have ordered an interface and software to create animations.


I only require one image for an ELO tribute act, so my question is can this image be stored on the laser and called into use with DMX.

or do I have to control the laser seperately at every gig with the ILDA interface.?

I have not opened the Laser so I dont know if there is a SD card but I guess not as it is a cheap laser.


So does the ILDA system allow for re creation of prestored images ?


please do not refer me to the pangolin forum as I can not make head or tail out of that web forum. Thanks.

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All that an ILDA connection gives you is direct control over the laser beam - its colour and position. You then use a DAC, connected to the ILDA port and your computer, and software, to create your images by moving the beam about(very fast), changing colour, switching it on and off and so on. There is no facility to store an image via an ILDA connection. Some lasers have inbuilt images that can be recalled via DMX. Some lasers have an SD card that you can store images on and recall via DMX. Neither of these last 2 options use the ILDA interface at all.
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