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ETC Eos/Ion Software 1.9.10


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New topic started as it's different to the other Eos family thread.


Most of you who have recently upgraded to Eos/Ion 1.9.10 should by now have already had an e-mail on this one, but just in case the person who did so is off on hols at this point, you will need to be aware of a bug fix that has been broadcast today.


To quote from the mail:

Important software revision for

ETC Eos-family consoles

A software revision to Eos v1.9.10 is now available for download. This patch to the initial v1.9.10 release prevents possible shutdowns in Eos-family lighting control systems (Eos, Ion, Gio and Element).


ETC discovered an issue in recent releases of Eos-family software, related to the USB driver, which can potentially cause consoles to unexpectedly shut down. Consoles running or imaged to Eos software v1.9.8 and higher are at risk.


Not all systems will experience an issue, but we advise anyone with Eos-family systems running or imaged to v1.9.8 and higher, to upgrade to the latest software v1. These updates are available from the Downloads page of the ETC website, or here:


Eos-family console software

Eos-family offline/client software

Eos-family offline/client software for Macs



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