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LD Systems Dave 12G2 vs 15G2


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Im looking at buying a portable PA system for random use with bands and what not. It'll probs get used

once a year or maybe twice but im unsure what power rating to go for. I dont want to spend much as im working

in IT now so I dont do that much Sound, but itll be my luck ill get asked to do a gig where my Dave 12 G2 isnt

strong enough. I do a mix of classical, ukulele and rock gigs - More classical/uki/choir gigs


LD Dave 12 G2 is 499 with a total of 540wrms - Subwoofer 12" 40hz(F/R): 300wrms + 2 Sats 6.5": 120wrms




LD Dave 15 G2 is 759 with a total of 700wrms - Subwoofer 15" 35hz(F/R): 400wrms + 2 Sats 8": 150wrms


Basically will the cheaper Dave 12 G2 keep up with a smallish rock gig?


Hope you can help and reviews on these systems would help also :D

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If it's only being used once or twice a year, in my opinion hiring would be a better idea than purchasing.

That way you can get the most appropriate system for the job, rather than have to make it do.

Also maintenance is someone else's problem.



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Hey David!


Good point, I did think of that but I do the sound as a free charity kind of thing, as the bands like Uki and classical are small group that dont do it for money but for entertain at say the last one was a steam fair in Quorn... I just need a PA thats no fuss and cheap.

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