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Looking for a Simple DMX controller for Quad LED pars


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We've recently added some of these Quad LED pars to hire stock. I've been very pleased with them so far, light output is a huge improvement on the 1w units that we were using before. (I am a Prolight dealer so utterly biased, mind you)


Where I am struggling is finding a suitable, simple controller that I can hand out for straightforward hires.

Our older LED pars can run in a simple 3-channel DMX modes, and we have used the Elation LED Operator very successfully.


However, the new Quads have a different channel layout when in DMX mode:


Channel 1: Master level

Channel 2: Strobe

Channel 3: Red

Channel 4: Green

Channel 5: Blue

Channel 6: White

Channel 7: Macro


I'm looking for a simple controller that can cope with this channel arrangement, but still give the end users simple controls easy colour presets and chases etc.


Prolight / LEDJ don't do anything suitable at the moment (although I've pestered our rep to add something in future, even if they go ahead with it the design and production will take months)


I'm curious if any other manufacturers have something that might work, has anyone come across something?

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Would a software controller (i.e. run from a laptop) be an option or are you looking purely at hardware controllers?


Got to be hardware, I'm afraid - this is for basic hire packages which are often being handed out to complete novices.

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You could possibly use a simple DMX recorder/player with a few scenes programmed in and labelled.


That would be a fine solution for some hires, but not for others unfortunately.


The nice thing about the Elation unit I linked to is that it can do simple colours and chases for things like discos and dance shows, but there are also faders there for events that need a bit more hands-on control of levels.

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I have seen one work well in a 100 seat venue, the sound operator pushes the top buttons to get a different look for songs. You can program chases as stacks.


The install was six RGB led pars from front, two rgb led pars as drummer backlight, two Showtec led bar 8 as backlights because of their built in macros, the best macros programmed in as scene buttons and a Planet One dimmer for two stuuby par 38's as front fill and lecturn.


There are several posts covering these led desks over the last six months on the Blue Room Need help spec'ing a desk is one.

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Thus is one of the reasons why in any LED Par that I buy there must be a 3 (RGB) or 4ch (RGBA) mode, as then they are easier to use on a simple 2 preset desk, and there are plenty of controllers that are just plug and play when it comes to these configurations.
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