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Soundcraft CPS 150 - value of R32


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Hi all.


Can anyone assist me with the value of R32? The circuit board is SC2770X ISS.P10 also printed MKC9317 HASL. I bought the desk 'pre-owned' with power supply faults - which have been due to dry joints however R32 (next to the 48 volt regulator on the PCB) is well and truly 'cooked'. Being pre owned I hav'nt been able to determine whether this is a result of faulty operation or if there is another fault to be found. Any information / advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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I have just Googled 'soundcraft cps150 circuit diagram' and downloaded the manual with it inside. I can'r understand why you haven't got the wit to do the same yourself. No one here minds helping someone who makes every effort to help themself but really ....
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