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Screenmonkey Glitch

Dj Dunc

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Howdy all.


Currently testing Screenmonkey on the latest version.


I'm having a few issues. One is that the "Layers Dashboard" button (According to their online tutorial) actually brings up the Display Profile (and is also tooltipped as such). The "Layers Dashboard" is actually on a button with a "GO" sign on it.


When I click on the button, it brings up half the layers dashboard. I see the faders, Go, Clear All, Fade in and Out, for each channel and the masters, however none of the window to the right (which im assuming controls position etc).


Any ideas how to fix this? I've tried reinstalling to no avail


Im running Windows 7 Ultimate x64

8Gb Ram.

1x24". 1 x 15" and 2x22" screens.






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Sorry, this has changed since the tutorial was written. There is now a different button to access the display profiles. Simplest is to click on all the buttons till you find it.


You can also access this from the settings by right clicking on any clip and selecting settings.

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