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Vista T2


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Good evening all.

I am currently in the middle of the production period of Jesus Christ Superstar at school and by some stroke of luck we have got access to a Vista T2 to run from. I have used this before, and am comfortable with the basics, however I have a query.


We have 2 small portable dimmers as well as our usual dimmers, and 2 blinders are run off these as well as some fresnels doing side light. However, doing some calculations, the current available will not permit the blinders on at the same time as the fres'. I have saved a cue with the blinders at full, and put it on a fader, so I can manually blind using the bump buttons - saves having to program an on and off cue into the main stack whenever I want to blind. Nothing else is saved in this cue. I want the fresnels to turn off automatically when this button is pressed, and restore when it's released....however saving them into the cue at 0% intensity doesn't work. I have played with the priority controls on the stack, but it's still not working.


Does anybody know how to do this? I could work around it but it saves accidentally blowing a fuse if I make it impossible to have both on at once!


I am running Byron.

Many Thanks,


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Try making a solo cue and putting EVERY parameter into it apart from the fresnels. This will then keep the current state but knock out the fresnels. Depending on how the show is programmed it may not work. Depends how the solo affects any live LTP channels.


When I use Martins M1, it has the ability to alter the ON press and OFF press of a key. So I can have the ON press as GOand the OFF press as release, this means you can have a bit more of an intelligent flash key... You can GO a cue in 0 time, but have it fade out in 3 Seconds. Great for strobe or LED bumps. This way you have all the benefits of a cue (times, macro triggering etc) but on a key you use like a flash key. It would be worth seeing if the Vista software allows such function.



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Hi Charlie

I have a solution for you.

I am assuming you are running Vista V2 here.

Make 2 groups, 1 as your Moles, and 1 as your fresnels.

Assign each group to a fader, ideally next to each other on the console.

Go to the console window and look down at the bottom right of the screen and you will see a set of options. go to the "Group Faders" tab and you will see 3 options, drag "Scale(-)" onto the fader that you assigned the Fresnel’s to.

Next go to the "Group buttons" tab and drag "Flash (-) onto the fresnel’s group flash button.

With the fader down, this will stop the fresnels coming on, with the fader up they will act as normal.

You can also flash this inhibit, so when you press the flash button the lights will go off.


Hope this helps, any questions give me a call on 01494 838329 or 07775 94978 and I will talk you through it.


Many thanks

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Thanks to everyone for their help. I have spoken to Paul and his colleagues at AC and they have been great. For anyone wanting to know, the technique outlined by Paul (above) works perfectly.


Thanks to everyone for your help - should be a good show!


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