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Help with creative Gating?


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Hi guys... I’m after a little help. I’m trying to replicate an effect I’ve heard on a Moby track. The song in question is "why does my heart feel so bad"



When the vocal track is heard there is also a "background" loop heard at the same time. I’m presuming it’s done by using a gate across the vocal track to trigger the "background" track.

I’m trying to put together a demo for a small group of students who have chosen this as a key piece for their music GCSE course. I’m using Protools LE 8 to replicate various effects used within the piece so they can identify what’s actually been done, but I can’t figure out how to do it effectively.

I only have the basic Protools plugging at my disposal and I can’t seem to achieve my aims with the standard gate within Protools.


My hope was that I could put the gate across the track were using as our "background" track and then trigger it via a bus... is this possible, or does anyone have any other ideas about how to do this?


Thanks in advance and my apologise if I have missed out any info that may be needed...






Ok... Looks like I have figured it out. Sorry for the wasted post. However, if anyone else is interested I did it this way,


The standard protools gate has aside chain that allows you to use a key input. I sent the tack I wanted to use a trigger to bus one and used this as the key input for the gate.



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Not entirely relevant to what you were trying to achieve, but that vocal sample actually had all of the background noise/vocals already on it - it came from a 1953 gospel choir recording. If you're teaching the students about sampling, it might be a useful lesson in how vocal samples that aren't entirely clean can still be useful.
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A few seconds of on-line research would have led you to a very detailed article in Sound on Sound about how he put that track together... Might be quite useful for someone wanting to teach how he put that track together ;)
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