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ETC Ion query


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Hello Blue Roomers,


Currently opping a show on the Ion.


When I press Go cue starts running, the screen appears to start but then stop counting down the crossfade.l thus freezing channel levels.


In realtime it still appears to think its crossfading as after a couple of seconds it will unfreeze and fade continues from where it should have been thus meaning lx snaps to catch up.


e.g. Press Go on a 5 second xfade and the screen shows 5, 4,........ 1, 0.


Any ideas appreciated.


Running software version 1.9.8 (latest I believe?)





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Running software version 1.9.8 (latest I believe?)

OT, but there was a minor bug fix release, so latest is 1.99


This was released yesterday

Eos Family software 1.9.10 is released and available for download from the Eos, Ion, Gio and Element product pages.



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