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Titan Mobile + Lightconverse problems


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When I've run into problems before I can usually find what I need by searching these forums..this time I can't however so registered here to post this as I need some help!


I use Avo Titan mobile on my laptop, and decided to get a visuliser (Lightconverse) to edit some designs and try new ideas off-site. I'm running both programs on the same machine.


The problem I'm having is I can't seem to get the Titan data to LC. I've tried the ArtNet ACDI protocols, although in the Titan settings there doesn't seem to be much options for assigning ACDI... Is it just a 'mirror' of the DMX outputs?


I think it's likely to be an IP/Network issue. I read somewhere on here that I need to use a loopback adapter, which I tried (failure). Tried setting up IP addresses and Subnet Masks from within windows settings and the titan menus (failure). I've been into virtually every menu for network settings, nodes and lines but nothing I do seems to register in LC. Just no activity in any sense. I'm pretty sure it's not a patching thing.


I've searched these forums and the internet in general. Also studied both manuals, neither are particularly helpful on the topic.


If anyone also uses this combination of software programs that can shed some light, I'd really appreciate it!

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Assuming LC accepts Artnet directly you don't need ACDI. From the Titan side you should just need to assign one Artnet node per line. In the Artnet properties try setting the IP address to x.x.x.255 (where x is your existing subnet, for example Also try turning on 'broadcast always'.


Unfortunately I don't have LC to test. Does it have any indicators to show if Artnet is being received. Most applications do. Confirmation of receipt will point the problem at patch on one side or the other.

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Thanks for the response.


Yes there are signal-in indicators for whichever protocol you are using. I've not get got them to respond.


I thought it was the other way around re ArtNet/ACDI...? At least the way LC have advertised it, the 'direct connectivity' with avo acdi omits the need for Artnet. Is this a bit misleading then?


In the manual it has instructions on how to run it with Hog and GrandMA consoles, but implies it was more straightforward/direct for Avo.


I've tried the suggested IP address but that hasn't worked. Was that suggestion for use with a loopback adapter?

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I have now tested with the LC demo.


In Titan:


- System/[DMX Settings]

- Expand Artnet nodes on left side if not already and select Broadcast Node 0 (you might want to clear any existing line assignments first by clicking on the [x] on the right side as required)

- Select Destination Line (eg. line 1)

- Click on the next to Broadcast Node 0 that you just assigned. Change IP to x.x.x.255 (this seems to happen automatically for me). Universe should be 0.


In LC:


- In DMX setup, select fixtures and select [DMX Input]

- Select line (ie. A) and click on [universe]

- Select [Art-Net] and set universe to 0

- Close universe window and hit [apply]


This works for me. (The GPU usage of LC is shocking!)

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In other words, apart from making sure the universes/lines corrospond, you didn't really have to do anything? as far as the network settings go at least. You didn't have to make any changes in the windows network adapter settings?


I've tried this but still no joy. Appreciate the help but I may have to speak to someone at LC/Avo to get this sorted

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Well, yes, although I'm not sure why it automatically assigns the .255 broadcast IP. However, I certainly wouldn't be going into Windows network adapter settings. This should be irrelevant other than for discovering the machine subnet/IP in order to match it in both applications.


I suppose it's possible a firewall could block? If not already try turning off any.


What is your machine's IP? (Start/Run/cmd <enter>/ipconfig <enter>)

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Hi Pete,

LC listen for the broadcast on all network adapters that you have.


But the signal can't run if network adapter that you configured in AVO is disconnected.


So AVO should be physical connected to the live network with correct IP/Mask, or Microsoft Loopback adapter should be used (with some IP/Mask settings also).


And I hope that the Windows firewall switched Off.


Good luck!

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Thanks Deemage I will have another try bearing that in mind.


Can you clarifiy on the ArtNet/ACDI situation?


also when you say windows firewall do you mean the inbuilt 'definder' or whatever it's called, or are you referring to 3rd party software/virus protection etc? Should have mentioned I'm using Win7 64bit


Perhaps this should continue as a PM - but may come in handy for other users in the future

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Can you clarifiy on the ArtNet/ACDI situation?
Both of them works from LC side. For the LC-AVO OEM demo you can patch universe on ArtNet or ACDI.

But to have ACDI running, the special driver should be purchased http://www.avolites.org.uk/products/acdi.htm

Instead of that, ArtNet is free. The functionality is the same.


The firewall in your PC may block ArtNet ports or block application at all. It is better to temporary switch off built in Windows firewall (in Control Panel) and all other firewall software that you probably have.

Some antiviruses has network control possibilities also.


If LC blocked from network access you will probably see message "ArtNet Error" in right-top area where clocks are. But I can't advice of how to check does AVO blocked or not.

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