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How to succeed in business set


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Hi guys, not sure if this is in the right section or not, sonhere goes, at the end of march we are doing how to succeed in business without really trying and we are currently building the set and I was just wanting to see if anyone would be interested after we are fInished with it. Obviously I have no photos at the moment but once it's all fitted up I will post some, all I was trying to do was gauge possible interest for when we are done with it. As a rough idea theain set is constructed of flats measuring 6m high by 2.5m wide which when put together make up the 3 sides of the stage , let me know if your interested.
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I doubt anyone will want it.


Without knowing where in the world you are. How about you fill in your location details in your profile?


There's no point making a post like this without that info. For all we know you're in Africa and so the shipping cost to the UK (where the majority of the forum members are based) would be a little prohibitive....



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