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Titan Mobile - to touch or not to touch


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Opinions please, have a Titan Mobile on its way to complement our other Avo's as a more convenient way of taking a desk round with me. Am reckoning on using it with my MBP or with a cased Mac mini depending on how light I want to travel, but can't decide from what I've seen and read whether I will desperately miss a touchscreen if I don't go for one.


A fair bit of what I will use it for is the random corporates and fully plotted shows where I'm sure either mac plus trackpad and keyboard will do me just fine. But it will also do some busked shows and am hoping some of you guys can share your experiences and how easy palettes are to select without poking a chubby finger at them.




And before anyone says about using a mac, yes I know it only runs on Windows, but have XP on each of them already so not a problem...

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Edited post because I didn't read it all like a Numpty!!


I would go for a touchscreen, there not a help of a lot more expensive than a standard monitor and you will always wish you had one if you dont!



Lots of customisable workspace on screen, and a dam sight easier to hit the one you want on a larger screen

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If you are being honest, I think you know the answer to this already. you will without doubt be cursing for the touchscreen on the occasions you don't have it if you are used to having one (ie with a tiger touch / pearl expert touch etc), so for the sake of a few extra quid, I would definately buy an external touchscreen monitor to have the palette pages on. If you really have to travel light, then you can always leave it at home.


you can also buy those acetate screen covers which turns a normal screen into a touchscreen using USB. I use one of these on my "travel light" chamsys system and it's a great tool. cheap as chips and will turn any old cheap / light LCD monitor into what you need. ideal for fly in shows.


I've found that once you are used to having the touch screens, or palettes right in front of you, there is no going back.


Do it - you know you want to!!


BTW, great wee system. Costly, but worth it.

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It's certainly not essential. You can do pretty much everything from the hardware without using the screen at all should you wish. Personally I might consider it to aid with programming but I would do anything possible to avoid busking on touch. Tried it on plenty of consoles and hate it - too slow, no tactile feedback etc. So perhaps the question is do you feel comfortable using them?


It might also be worth considering that the screens in the TT and Expert Wing are very high quality and not all are so responsive.


An alternative could be some sort of MIDI control to give you tactile busking via triggers.

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