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Ideas for mapping a scroll for college production


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Hey, I need some ideas on how to map a scroll, for a college production in the next couple of weeks,


anyone have any methods/software I could give a go, on a fairly low budget, as college only have Arkaos VJ, and havent been able to find a feature on this.

ive given the photoshop way a go, but its slightly off


Thanks in advance

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I may be being stupid here, but what do you mean by scroll exactly?


I also suppose it doesn't matter hugely, using Photoshop should be accurate, just make sure that the project canvas is the same size as the resolution you are using and view it at 100%. Sometimes it might be at 98% so it can still be seen full screen, but with the menus and scroll bars.

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make a photoshop doc the same size as your projector output

( usually 1024 x 768)

make a new window

send one of the windows to your projector

hit F until it goes fullscreen

now draw with the line tool, rotating lines with transform until you get an accurate map of your object


use this as a template

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Drawing like that is a horrible pain..


Take a photo of the object to be mapped (take the photo as flat on as possible)

Load the photo into photoshop and crop it to be the same aspect as your projector

Do the fullscreen photoshop thing on the projector and use the perspective transform tools to align the photo of the object onto the real object.

Save the warped image and use that as your template to create / transform the content which is going to be projected on the object.

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thanks for the responses, realized what I had been doing wrong, had slightly different resolutions on photo shop, but sorted now, will post a picture a little later so you can tell em what you think about my first real av project :)

thanks again :)

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