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looking for co. to test SWL of lx bars


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If you can't find a local solution, I know a very good and reasonably priced company in Norfolk who work all over the country who could do it.


TV & Theatre Services

Granary Buildings

Eastgate Street

North Elmham


Norfolk NR20 5HF


Tel: 01362 667222

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HI I national company call HSB Haughton, the engineer who comes to my venue is really good, just gets on with things and is not phased by the world of theatre rigging. These guys also do the passenger lift, genie and pressure testing on our heating / cool system, by doing this they have worked our very cost effective


I have just realised you want the actual bars load testing, not engineering inspection to cover LOLER & PUWER requirements, Give then a ring still I would guess they would still do the load test!!

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