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Interesting find - A beamlight!


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There was another topic today about chinese lights, but got an email update today that took me to this product.

A beam light


It's pretty clear that the seller has no idea what this is, and you have to filter out comments about DJ, and LED and all the other stuff, but the product seems to be a big, old fashioned beam light. Ideal for all the near parallel shafts of light, and of course it looks retro enough to hang in a top gear set!

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Dosen`t mention the lamp apart from ` reflection bubble` , normally beam lights use a low voltage lamp, Pageant was 80V(?), to keep the filament size small.


A 220V 2K bubble isn`t small...

Crickey, now you are going back... As far as I remember our Pageants (with spill rings) had conventional 1k lamps. Ours were "real" Pageants gold in colour, so I assume there was a company of this name before Strand took them over? They looked nothing like the Strand ones, apart from the spill rings, but I am pretty sure were not GES base as the Strand 50A/58 (as that would be a very big bubble!). Last time I saw them was 1972 so my memory might be playing tricks....PV


I have another vague recollection that the pageants we had were made by Major Lighting or something like that? Does that ring a bell with anyone elderly?

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