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Plugging a Shure Beta54 into a Sennhieser EW100 g2 beltpack...


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Been browsing on here for a while, but looking for a bit of advice. As the topic title suggests, I'm trying to connect a Shure Beta54 headest mic to a Sennhieser EW100 g2 Beltpack transmitter, and I'm running into a few problems. The pack accepts a TRS mini jack, and the Shure has a 4 pin mini-XLR - As the shure cable however only has 3 cores (in the manual as a standard balanced wiring setup with power as well) however pins 3 and 4 are connected together, I'm presuming a TRS mini jack is fine for this mic, as it's essentially only 3 cores. However I've been unable to find any sort of pin out or information for the belt pack, so I was just wondering if anyone has any information or has achieved this combination before?


Much appreciated



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The input jack on a Sennheiser is unbalanced and accepts either a mic or line-level input, wired as follows:


Tip - Mic input

Ring - Line input

Sleeve - Ground


The convention is to wire a mic capsule across Tip and Sleeve and short the Ring to Ground.


The packs do supply "plug in power" which is a bias voltage to power the capsule between Tip and Sleeve. This is a much lower voltage than phantom power.


You'll need to establish the correct polarity of the Shure mic so that Hot goes to the Tip, Cold and screen to the sleeve.


Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the reply Richard -



I tried what you suggested but still no result, I also tried reversing the polarity of the hot and cold but still nothing.


The manual for the Mic says that the black core is purely audio signal, the red core is +5vdc.


It also has a diagram of the shure transmitter input wiring, on a mini XLR it runs:


pin 1 (shield) to ground

pin 2 to +5vdc

pin 3 is connected through a 20k resistor to ground, and as well as this goes though a 1uf capacitor to the signal, and after the capacitor also goes through a 100k resistor to ground...


Any idea's? this is confusing me loads and any help is greatly appreciated!






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Tip to the audio and 5V cores and sleeve to the screen. Not got one to hand, but I'm 99% sure this is how I did it. I think the blurb suggested a capacitor, but I do know I didn't use one, and it worked.


I have found the capacitor to be necessary to block the DC voltage across the capsule.



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