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LED Bulbs Over Halogens


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Asking as an apprentice:


I work with Showtec's Active Sunstrips, and have changed many of the bulbs over the course of several gigs,


My question is could I replace the current Halogens*;




With a cheap LED version;




Would this improve bulb life?

Would there be any issues with current draw?

Be a noticeable difference in brightness?


I'm guessing that the major problem with switching over from Halogen to LED is dimming them.. I'm assuming also that the LED's would be a more stepped curve..



*All at the same time, rather than single bulbs.



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I wouldn't replace the lamps in a Sunstrip Active with LED for a few reasons;


The Sunstrip Active has an inbuilt dimmer that probably won't drive them, and may result in damage to the dimmer or lamp.


Even if it did work - the 'look' would be completely different, the Sunstrip has a very traditional 'blinder' look to them and this (imho) requires the warm colour temperature and 'fading' nature of the lamps, which you'd lose completely with most LED (certainly the budget ones)


I'd keep with the GU10s, if you want an LED fixture look at the LED Sunstrips, which were designed from the ground up to be LED (although are a very different effect)



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Agree, cheap LED GU10s are most unlikely to work reliably or at all, and even if they do work they wont look right.


High end dimmable LED GU10s would probably be OK but would be a substantial expense.


International lamps sell long life halogen GU10s that are claimed to last for 10,000 hours. I am not convinced that they last that long, but they certainly last a lot longer than ordinary GU10s.

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