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Rigging Points for The Ballroom at the Dorchester Hotel


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I would ask them for it directly. They should be happy to help.


Getting an old one off somebody maybe a pointless act. Points that fail their inspections may be removed and not replaced, it would be pretty annoying if you planned to hang a load of truss then discovered 3 of the 4 points had been removed since the drawing was made.


Structural engineers sometimes also change the rating of a point if there is an issue with the building, so likewise you could have a plot telling you the room is full of 1 ton points that are now 250kg.


I don't know about the Dorchester but these are all scenarios which could easily happen on an annual basis, so it's very much worth ringing them to get the latest issue of it.

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They are everywhere now after the re-fit. All around the outside, and about 6 between the chandeliers from memory. However they were installed in a really rubbish fashion so they are all at different heights, so if you are planning on doing a dead hang in, take plenty of extra shackles to level any trusses you put in.


Good luck!


PM if you need anymore info I do quite a bit in there

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