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Jands Vista Subs


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Hi everyone,


I'll be using a Jands Vista I3 desk for a gig in a couple of months. Having never used anything bigger than an Event before, I decided to download the software onto my PC to have a mess around with.


All is well, however I have one tiny issue (the answer to which may be in the manual and I've just missed it). I have assigned R, G and B channels from LED cans to 3 separate subs. Individually bringing up each of the colours is fine, however I'd like to be able to colour mix off the faders, and every time I push up a different fader, the colour snaps to the assigned colour of the 'new' fader, and then snaps back to the original colour when I bring it out again.


For example, I have the red fader up, however when I push the blue fader up, it snaps the fixtures into blue until I bring that fader back down again.


Is there any way around this which allows a colour mix off the faders?

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I don't know the Vista software but there are two things required to do this:


First you must ensure that only the individual attributes are recorded on each of the cues. ie. Red must only be red. Maybe you can edit the cues and remove the unwanted components?


Second, you need a way to set the playback to allow you to fade in/out by fader level.


Sorry I can't be more specific but hopefully that points you in the right direction.

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Thanks for the replies guys.


I'd thought about making a bunch of dimmer channels for the LEDs, and then grouping each colour to use the effects etc, which has been mentioned on the Vista Forum link posted above. I think this is what I'll end up doing. It might make it easier to operate visually as well, because I'll only need to patch the channels I'll be using on the actual LED cans, and forget about the ones I wont be using (colour chase macros and stuff).




I think I've pretty much got a grip of it for now, thanks for the offer though. I may take you up on that at a later date when my schedule is a little less crowded (if that's ok), as I believe any training is a good thing!

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