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Lighting software


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And here is a new one that I haven't seen previously discussed.

Except for when you started a topic and mentioned it....?


And it mentions on the site: "Mode, Reports and Plots are not available" which would suggest the student edition is mainly intended for visualisation, rather than lighting design and paperwork as the OP seems to require?



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Guest daniel2002

I have just bought a Mac and I was wondering what would be a good lighting design soft wear to get for my mac, If possible cheep thanks.


I haven't found any good cheap software, I've found I've had to spend a fair bit to get anything that would do what I want it to do.

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Is it design software or control software with a visualised? elliot hasn't actually said what he wants it to do - I'd have thought that printing plans and other design docs is important - or I wonder if he just wants to see things move on screen? A bit unclear.
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Try out the LX free by Claude Heintz. Claude made in the 90's Mac Luxpro.


Lxfree is fast, flexible, uses layers, customizable libraries, creates paperworks, and it is free.

I work in opera houses and use it all the time, since I found that all theatres have their own software (autocad, Vectorworks , wysiwyg or whatever) You re never compatible with all of them anyway, so I just do my own version of a plot in my beloved LXfree... I import the house rig, show sets and show rig in different layers. And it makes very readable plots on paper.


There is a seperate tool that allows adapting your paperwork, colorlibraries and custom fixtures.

several shortcuts give you direct acces to attribute data and display.


Check it out:



Another version called LxBeams allows beam display and some basic simulation. Lx Control gives you a linked DMX controller, but I have no experience with it,


I worked many years with Wysiwyg and a bit on vectorworks, but this is much more userfriendly .


Good luck,



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