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Wireless Microphone systems...again!


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+1 for the Trantec S5, can highly recommend. We have 8 channels of S5.3 with handhelds, lavs and headsets and cannot fault them. The beltpack transmitters are very well made. Will probably get some more this year - S5.5 this time I guess, for the extra bandwidth for another 6 or 8 channels.
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I have used both Sennheiser and Trantec, and would tend to favour Sennheiser. The Trantec system I've used (s5.3) is fairly solid, but there seems to be an issue with the battery compartment breaking. Half of the mics have suffered damage (not through ill treatment, just sensible use) within about a year. Bot the older and newer Sennheiser mics O've had access to have been much more solid. Neither set has suffered any physical damage despite being used in a school, one set for about 8 years.


I also prefer the ease of use of the Sennheiser. But that's just me.


Of course, there is a price difference but if I had the option, I'd go for the Sennheisers!



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