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Panasonic AG-MX70


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I have a Panasonice AG-MX70 which works fine on all of the inputs and outputs except for the S video inputs


I have tried going from laptop to mixer with no luck via a s video cable (tested a few)


So I tried going from s video down to Pr Pb V and only recieved a black & white image


Is there anything in the settings of the mixer or maybe the laptop that may need altered for this to work?


I have also tried going from laptop to projector and this works fine with full colour image


Thanks in advance


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You need to select s-video for your input.

This is hidden in the most obscure menu ever created by Panasonic, you can either prod randomly at your unit and hope that you find it or consult the very average manual.


I can't really explain it without having a mixer in front of me to go through the button pushes, so it looks like you will have to brave the manual.

English copy here: MX70 Manual

If it is no longer there just google for it and it will turn up.


Page 54.

YC is the input type you want.





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