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budget flightcase

jack hale

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I won't be specific, but I've just received a cheap ABS case damaged in delivery transit. I'm sending it back and spending twice the cash; never cheaping out again.


If it can't be thrown around under its own weight, what hope does it have with 20-30 kilos of equipment in it?


Yes !! Only use SKB rotomould now where I would have used ABS, and got most of mine from ebay as long as the catches are good a few scuffs and marks on these types of cases are irrelevant.


Following on slightly, just wonderd if anyone has a rule of thumb as to how much they would pay on a case to protect say £1000 worth of kit? 10% 25% 50%?


It depends on what the kit is and how it is being used and tranported.


Are padded bags an option for some items?

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